Lake Hill Campground
Lake Hill Campground

                                                                                                                                                                    Lake Hill is a 65 acre campground, options for accommodations,                                Bunkhouse  10-26 guests , rates from $200 per night 10 guests                                                      .   .       ages  4 and older                                                                                                                                  Weekly Deluxe cabins 1-4 adults,   rates from $350 per 2 adults                                                      Weekly Basic cabins 1-2 adults,    rates from $250 per 2 adults                                                        Monthly RV sites FHU 50/30 Amp, rates from $450,  2 adults                                                Daily RV/TENT  water/elec 30 amp, rates from $36 night                                                                 Cabin and RV- 16 and older considered adult                                     

Lake Hill Campground is next to the Tri-County TriangleTrail/Adena Recreational trai for 37 miles of trails for biking or hiking.   We take for granted having such a nice bike trail next to our entrance.  We purchased recumbent bikes last year to ride on the "Rails to Trails" system and traveled all the way to North Carolina to ride our recumbents and didn't find any trails as nice as the one in our own backyard!!  We are 11 miles from Chillicothe Ohio, 17 miles to Tecumseh Outdoor Drama. 30 miles or less to Deer Creek, Rocky Fork,and Paint Creek Lake, 70 miles or less to Hocking Hills State Park, Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati 

Lake Hill Campground 2466 N. Musselman Station Rd, Frankfort OH 45628   call 740-998 5648 email         

For online reservations click here or call 740-998-5648  to make reservation by phone.   For the hunting season, we have winter sites available, but not online, you must call 740-998-5648 to  make your reservation for cabins or rv sites during the hunting season.  If you see no availability on our online reservations , please give us a call, not all our sites are put on that site and we may still have sites available.

Here at Lake Hill campground, to provide for a safe and peaceful environment for all our guests, alcohol is not allowed.


PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN ANY FIREWOOD TO THE CAMPGROUND!!   If you do bring in firewood, you will be asked to leave without a refund.  There are numerous pests that are invasive and hide in the bark of trees that is brought in as firewood, and it spreads the destructive pests into our woods killing more trees that we may have to cut down at great expense.  We sell fire wood here, cheaper and better than what you can buy at local gas stations or grocery stores as it is from our own hardwood forest.  


Pets are allowed at Campground, but me be leased at all times while outside and cleaned up after.  Pets are not allowed with any cabin or bunkhouse rental and not allowed in any buildings or on the beach area for swimming.  We do allow pets to swim on the back side of lake down below our basic cabins unless there are guests fishing there.  



MONTHLY RATE          $450




TWO ADULTS  16 +                   $36


ADD'L GUEST 16+ EA.              $



CABIN RENTAL                          WEEK      

BASIC CABIN                               $250           

KIDS  2 MAX                                FREE

ADD'L GUEST (16+)                    $25

DELUXE CABIN                           $350

KIDS  3 MAX                                 FREE

ADD'L GUEST (16+)                    $50


The pictures below will take you on a tour of our place. This is a quiet, peaceful, family campground, away from the noises of the city and roads. Our campground is situated on 65 acres of forest, with only 20 acres being developed into the campground. Being surrounded by a diverse forest of many hardwood trees, there is an abundance of shade in the summer and it seems to keep it cooler here than in the crowded hot city. The canopy is also a home to many different species of birds and wildlife. The sites overlooking the creek and ravine provide opportunities for bird watching.  The pictures below are in order as if you were driving through campground.  After you drive by the old office and see our round house, you will pass by our spring fed lake, the sites by the lake with water and electric only.  The playground will be on the right side of the road as you pas by the point sites.   The basic cabins are then featured down below and there are three of them in close proximity to each other.  The playground is located next to the shower house/bathrooms.  Next is our deluxe cabins, which are also close to each other.  Then our full hookup sites are featured.  If you hold your mouse over the picture, it will show what site it is.  I have tried to post a picture of each site empty and occupied.  

Lake Hill Campground is the place for family and friends or groups to connect with each other, to explore, and discover why its better to be outdoors!

Places to visit in our area

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No two sites are alike here, each one has its own charm and attraction for the individual tastes of each camper. All of our sites have water and 30 amp electric, most with Full hook up, some FHU sites upgraded to 50amp. This campground is not for those who prefer the resort quality accommodations, it is a bit more laid back here, more like the owners.

The grounds don't have manicured lawns, but in the spring, the profusion of wild flowers, sprinkled liberally in the grass, almost make it a crime to mow.  (But we do!) We have large roomy sites that allow more of the feeling of camping in the great outdoors alone. Lake Hill Campground is a quiet place, tucked back in the woods, with an abundance of "why you come outside to play". There are trails in the woods to walk and explore and play games of hide and seek. It would be an awesome place for lazer tag!! It also is a place to slow down and listen to the sounds of the forest.  The trails in the woods are the place to take your dog for a walk.

There are two ravines ,with dry creeks during the summer, behind the campground that are also great for exploring and hiking. The scenery changes every year after the spring rains floods the dry creeks and washes things down or out.

Our private 3 acre lake, 12 feet deep and spring-fed, provides fishing for free,  campers only, no license required. It is catch and release on all fish and taking bull frogs is not allowed.    We also offer boat rentals with jon boats, kayaks, and a 14ft row boat.

There is a great place to take your kids fishing, down below the basic cabins. The shale that washes down the creek bed every spring with the heavy rains has created a shale beach with no overhead trees to snag the fish line on as the little ones cast out.
If you walk back into the woods on that creek in the summer you might get lucky and find some crawdads lurking under the rocks or in the little individual pools of water.

The entrance of the camp is adjacent to the Tri-County Triangle Trail. This is an excellent paved trail for biking or hiking. The trail is an easy flat terrain and suitable for all ages of riders. As you follow along the trail, there are many spots to stop and rest and walk down to the North Fork Paint Creek as it course follows the path for miles. If you go NW into Frankfort, make a stop at the city park for the kids to play at the playground or to further explore the creek. The trail will continue and goes through Austin and continues to Washington Court House. Heading SW on the trail goes all the way into Chillicothe. There are many different species of birds to observe and the fishing is great in North Fork Paint Creek if you have a fishing license.

We have  toilet and shower facilities, complete with ADA accessible facilities. The showers are coin operated, $.25 for 4 minutes.  We have many people ask why coin operated, and the answer is, so it doesn't become a playhouse!  We were previously unmetered water and we had guests leave the hot water running.  When we discovered it, the entire shower house was soaking wet from the steam that rolled out the doors when we opened them.

As the day comes to a close, and new delight starts, lightning bugs come out to enthrall. Sitting in a kayak, in the middle of the lake, in complete darkness, is mesmerizing. Its a shame to think that they are disappearing. We have an abundance of them!! I wish I knew how to capture their beauty in a picture.

We have firewood for sale at $10.00 per container , $5.00 a cubic foot, which is in 2 cubic feet containers in maple, locust, and oak. We also have a dump station available to our campers.

For those of you with GPS please note, Hwy 28 to South Musselman will lead to a dead end road. The bridge that connects North Musselman and South Musselman has been out for 30 years but the maps have not been updated to reflect that change. County Road 550 is the only road to cross North Musselman Station Road.

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