Lake Hill Campground
Lake Hill Campground

                                                                                             Lake Hill Campground Rules                                                                                                                         Management reserves the right to evict anyone, without refund, guilty of misconduct or failure to abide by the rules of this campground. These rules  apply to ALL GUESTS.                                                                                     

1. NO ALCOHOL, including beer, is allowed at Lake Hill Campground. Smoking is only allowed at your site and butts need to be disposed of properly, not on ground.   There is NO SMOKING in any of the buildings or cabins or on the beach.                             

2. SWIMMING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK, NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! Children under 14 must be supervised at all times while swimming.  If you use our beach chairs please put them back where you found them and if using umbrellas, please fold down when leaving.                              3. NO FIREWOOD MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE CAMPGROUND to prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer. If you bring in firewood, you will be required to burn it immediately. We allow you to collect the down trees in the wooded area of the campground. We also sell firewood at very reasonable prices, and it is all hardwoods                                                                                                 

4. Fishing is CATCH-N-RELEASE on all fish except bluegill and crappie. From April 15-May 20, we ask that you release all fish caught as this is spawning season. Only ONE pole per person. No license is required and is free for all registered campers. No fishing in the swimming or boat landing area. Visitors to your site are not allowed to fish.   NO SPEARING OR TROT LINES ALLOWED or CATCHING BULL FROGS.  Anyone found doing these activities will be asked to leave immediately without refunds.

5. Fires are only allowed in fire rings, and please don't move the fire rings. No burning anything but paper or wood in rings. Please be considerate and don't put cans, bottles, plastic, and aluminum in the fire rings.   You will be charged $10 for leaving trash at your site/cabin or in the fire ring if not paper or firewood when you check out.                                             

6. All trash must be brought down to the dumpster across from the office. Please do not put your camping trash in the bathrooms. Please do not put out your unwanted food for the wild or domestic animals in the campground.  Trash left out overnight will become raccoon/skunk/opossum/cat bait.                                                                                                         

7. Quiet time is 10:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m., children need to be at their own site or cabin during quiet time unless with parents.  No loud music or disturbing other campers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  8. Please do not put any nails or screws into the trees in the campground. Do not cut down any trees in the campground. 

9. Pets must be leashed at all times, and cleaned up after. Pets are not allowed in the cabins, the BEACH area, the restrooms,  the game room, or the bunkhouse They also must be registered at office when checking in.                                                                                                              10. All guests, invited to your site, need to be registered  and pay a day use fee if 16 and older, maximum amount of people per site is 8.   All children must also be signed for on release.  Failure to abide by this rule, will result in eviction                                                                                       11. No washing vehicles or RV's in the campground.                                                                                                                                                                   12.  PLEASE, no driving on the grass in the campground, it leaves ruts that become mud holes for the next camper.  There are many underground springs that are hidden and what appears to be solid ground is not when a heavy vehicle drives over it.  We won't pull you out if you get stuck and you are responsible for fixing the hole in the ground when you get out.   

13.  Dumpster is only for your personal consumption trash, no large items, furniture, tv, computer, tires, 5 gallon buckets, diesel conditioner boxes, grills, or RV items.  Large boxes need to be  broken down and flattened.  If the front of dumpster is full, please open back of dumpster to place your trash.  Please make sure the door closes, as this prevents the animals from getting stuck in dumpser.  I have had up to seven racoons stuck in the dumpster at one time.                                                                                                                                                          

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